Click here for changes to re3 recycling centres from 30th September 2016

New rules about HWRCs were introduced late October 2010 to make it easier for residents to deposit their waste at the Household Waste Recycling Centres while continuing to prevent businesses disposing their waste for free at the sites.

Vehicles over 1.95m (6ft 4inches) in height do not have to pre-book in order to access the Smallmead and Longshot Lane Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Instead, these vehicles (which may include some vans, pick-ups, 4x4s or other vehicles where no other alternative under height vehicle exists) can arrive at site with personal identification and proof of waste origin (in the form of a council tax bill or major utilities bill), between the hours of 2pm to 4pm, Monday to Saturday only.

At this time site staff will check the load against the Waste Acceptance Policy and ensure it is of house hold origin. This procedure remains in place to prevent businesses and traders from illegally depositing their waste for free and we thank householders for their continued co-operation.

To ensure all those who wish to access the site are able to do so, we advise that multiple trips are not permitted.
Please check the height of your vehicle before visiting site. Remember that if you have a roof rack or any other addition on your vehicle you may notfit under the height barrier.

Vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes gross (which is the weight of your vehicle including your waste and any passengers) are not accepted on site.

If you arrive on site outside of the times shown above you will not be permitted access to site.

There will be no access for vehicles over 1.95m in height on Sundays or any Bank Holiday.

Blue Badge Holders

If you are a registered Blue Badge holder, with a vehicle over 1.95m in height and you are unable to access site between 2pm and 4pm (Monday to Saturday) when overheight access is provided in line with Council requirements and any FCCE operation limitations at the time of the request, please call re3 during normal working hours on 0800 988 3023 to discuss access further.


Household waste that is within the limits of the Waste Acceptance Policy and carried on single axle trailers is now permitted onto site at any time during site opening hours.

Double axle trailers (including twin axle horse boxes/trailers) are no longer permitted at either site due to their size.

Please be aware of re3 staff's right to refuse tipping if waste is believed to be trade or from a business. Businesses can pay to dispose of their waste at the transfer stations at Longshot Lane and Smallmead.


Under the Environmental Protection Act, businesses have a 'Duty of Care' to ensure that any waste they produce is handled safely and within the law.

Commercial and industrial wastes (including hazardous/special wastes) are classified as 'controlled waste'. The duty applies to businesses who produce, import, transport, store, treat or dispose of controlled waste.

Companies have a duty to ensure that waste is managed properly, recovered or disposed of safely, does not cause harm to human health or pollution of the environment and is only transferred to someone who is authorised to receive it (e.g. suitably licensed/permitted waste contractor or waste management site).

The duty of care requires businesses to keep documentary evidence of their waste management and potentially requires environmental permits depending on quantities, types of wastes produced and how they are managed by the business.

Businesses can pay to dispose of waste at the Transfer Stations at the Smallmead and Longshot Lane Waste Management Parks. For more information about disposing of business waste, please refer to our Guide to Business Waste leaflet.

Information and support to comply with the duty of care as well as general resource efficiency advice is available to businesses from a number oforganisations. Business Link is Governments central point of contact offering impartial business support and advice. The Business Link website includes advice and guidance on sustainability and waste management with links to other relevant Government departments and third party organisations.

Contact Business Link:

0845 600 9006 or click here to link to the Business Link waste page.

Charity Waste Disposal

There is a new permit scheme for the disposal of Charity Waste at either Longshot Lane, Bracknell or Smallmead, Island Road, Reading.

You can download an application pack here:

To qualify for free disposal of your Charity Waste you must:

1) Be a registered charity based in at least one of the three re3 Council areas and

2) The waste must come from premises occupied by a charity and be wholly or mainly used for charitable purposes. (The Controlled Waste Regulations 1992,Schedule 1)

To receive a free of charge disposal service you must apply for the new permits by completing the Charity Waste Disposal application

The form will be checked and permits issued by the appropriate re3 Council (Reading Borough, Wokingham Borough or Bracknell Forest Borough) if you meet the above criteria.

re3 Ltd are not responsible for the processing of this form or issuing of Charity Concession Vouchers.