Try out a tour guide role


Take a rise in the number of 'staycations', increased desire to stay in smaller (often cheaper) B&Bs rather than hotels and more self-employed opportunities and how does that bring you to a site offering minibus hire?

We have spoken to more and more people interested in long terms rentals of minibuses with an eye on offering added value to UK-based holidays.

The market for self-drive tours of some of the UK hotspots has grown significantly in recent years as people have curbed their holiday spending.

Either groups of friends have clubbed together to hire a minibus to drive themselves around local beauty spots on days out from camping or budget break holidays. Or they have turned to the services of very local tour operators offering to drive visitors around their area with local knowledge, historical/geographical facts and anecdotes.

Such tours save the holidaymakers money - but generate income for the minibus drivers.

We are not naieve enough to think such a venture is ideal for everyone seeking to earn extra money or start a small business. However, it is worth considering for some with an eye on boosting their income and/or the local tourist economy.

And if you think you fall into this latter category we might be able to help you make up your mind about whether it's the right route for you to take.

Here at Berkshire Van Hire we are happy to offer short or long term rental deals on all our vehicles so you can road test the idea using a hired minibus rather than taking the plunge and buying a vehicle outright before you have ascertained if life as a tour guide is really for you.

We have a variety of vehicles with different passenger capacity so talk to us today about your ideas and requirements and we will match you with the right minibus and deal for your new venture.

But while we know the roads of Berkshire like the back of our hands, it's definitely over to you to swat up on the local general knowledge of where you plan to transport your visitors!

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