No Top Gear Drama Here


Well, it seems the sideshow to the main Top Gear event continues to rumble on between the would-be and has-been presenters and their supporters - keeping the ever popular programme firmly in the public eye.

Whatever the future episodes of the country's latest soap opera bring, the lasting legacy is sure to be a renewed public interest in all things motoring.

Here at Berkshire Van Hire, we are not newcomers to this particular party - we all share a real passion for vehicles and excellent customer service in equal measure.

We have invested in an extensive fleet of top quality vans, trucks and minibuses to fulfill our discerning customers' requirements. We then add to that our skills in customer relations and believe we have come up with a winning formula.

The production team at the BBC would have no fears about the future of their flagship programme if they had the same recipe for success we have worked hard to create.

We all wait eagerly to see the new-look show once it is unveiled. But in the meantime we will continue doing what we do so well. We can't promise any drama but we can guarantee a great choice of vehicles and service with a smile.

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