Student life - music to your ears


It's that time of year again when teenagers are excited (and/or quietly nervous) and parents are distraught - it's off to University as youngsters flee the nest.

You all know it's been coming for months, if not years, but these next couple of weeks will turn the thrill/dread into reality and the house usually filled with 'tuneless' music, laughter and the occasional dispute will fall silent.

Many households have invested in new technology, TV licences, cheap cutlery and glasses to equip students with everything they might need to kickstart their new independent life.

But that pile of stuff which has been steadily growing - more rapidly in the last week, probably - has to get from A to B any day now. And have you thought if it's all actually going to fit in your car? Especially when that final duvet and box of gadgets need a home at the last minute?

There will be enough panic going on, we're sure of that, so let us help ease the pain on that front. Talk to us about van rental or hiring a car to get from Berkshire or west London to the new seat of learning - which might be Reading or one of the many London institutions or might be much further afield.

Whether it's a small van, minibus or just a larger car, we have a range of options which might make that painful journey just a little easier.

Get in touch with us this week to discuss that pile of stuff in your spare room and see how we can help you move it! Now there's an offer that's music to most parents' ears!

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