Moving On


Open the papers every day and you'll see a new headline about home ownership - house prices increasing, stabilising, falling, on the up, flat-lining, crashing; not enough affordable homes, the need to build new houses for an aging population; the list is endless.

But whatever else changes, one thing is for sure...when you DO move house, you need a means of getting your belongings from A to B with minimum fuss and, naturally, within a limited budget. Having scraped together a substantial deposit and paid for legal fees to arrange the house purchase, the last thing you need is a hefty removal bill.

So why not consider a DIY solution? Talk to us about renting a van to move your furniture and other household items yourself.

With our rapidly expanding fleet of vans for hire across Berkshire and West London, we're confident we can provide a solution to your moving issue, even if you're moving further afield.

Move in your own time rather than being tied to a removal company's schedule. Maybe you own two properties and don't need to move everything on a fixed day; maybe you want to divide your belongings between a new house and a storage unit. Whatever your needs, we can find a suitable solution with the right van for the job.

All our rental vans are spacious, sturdy and in excellent condition. You'll be surprised just how much furniture and other possessions you can fit in a single vehicle but talk to us to advise on the right size and weight van for your move and/or the number of days you might need it.

So before you pick up the phone to a well-known removal company, turn to us...the last thing we'll ever give you is a hefty bill!  

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