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Once again, on the eve of the big summer getaway, the headlines do not make pleasant reading for air travellers.

Additional security measures are to be introduced at Britain's airports meaning the already lengthy passage through the checks is likely to be extended further and the possibility of tighter restrictions on luggage looms.

Just as we're all getting used to strict limits on our luggage allowance, more measures are about to be introduced to add to the stress associated with air travel at a time when we're trying to escape to sunnier climes to relax away from the daily grind at home.

So what are the alternatives? For some it is too late - the only advice is check with your holiday company or airline about all travel arrangements and stick to the guidance to avoid additional charges, hassle and delays.

But for others still planning a last minute break, why not think about hiring a van or minibus to travel either within the UK or to the near continent by ferry or Eurotunnel?

We have a wide range of vehicles suitable for such travel plans - and the best thing is there's no luggage limit! As long as all passengers can access their seatbelt and the driver can see out in accordance with the law, you can load your bags on - or even your belongings minus the bag!

If you're not sure which clothes to take or leave behind, take more rather than less to have the perfect outfit for every holiday occasion - and weather you encounter!

And if you're self-catering in a tent or cottage and are unsure about the kit you might need - take it all to be on the safe side.

Our spacious vans and minibuses cater for all kinds of group sizes (and luggage allowances) and we have some generous offers on over the summer holiday season - including on cars if you just want something bigger, better, different from your own car.

So if you want to avoid the queues and weighing scales at your local airport, and enjoy a relaxing break from start to finish, get in touch with us to explore our vehicle rental options.

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