Childcare Made Easy


While most people will be looking forward to a summer break and a family getaway, the school holidays can pose significant problems for parents and their childcare arrangements.

With six weeks to juggle time off, days out, activity clubs, late starts, early finishes, flexi-time arrangements at work, grandparents' holiday plans and the generosity of neighbours, making plans to keep children safe and occupied can be a real headache.

Many families group together as friends and share the responsibility for looking after a bunch of kids in one house or another.

But sometimes you want them to get off the gadgets or the youngsters want to let off a bit more steam and maybe the local park has run its course as the entertainment centre.

So why not consider going a bit further afield? Bundle them and a picnic into a minibus and head off for a day out. It means you can travel further than you can by ferrying them in a series of car journeys, everyone stays together and the children feel like they have been well entertained.

Our rental deals include full insurance and you don't have to stay in Berkshire for your fun - although there is certainly plenty to do across the county.

We have a range of different models and seating capacities in our modern fleet so get in touch to discuss your needs and be the most popular mum or dad in town when you get everyone on board and out from under your feet!

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