Berkshire Bands on Tour


Fancy yourselves as the next Rolling Stones or Take That? No matter which era you follow and hope to emulate, some things musical are constant - like transporting band members and equipment to gigs.

And on the off chance that the next one might be the BIG one, you'll often say yes to the most unlikely venue, not exactly on your doorstep.

Sound band members or long suffering parents or partners?

Maybe the time has come to stop cramming amps and guitars into the back of a small car and opt for something altogether more spacious. A van or minibus might just be the answer to the contortion acts you sometimes have to perform to get yourself into the car once all the gear is safely stowed. And then there's the getting out at the other end...!

Buying a van is a big commitment when you're just starting out as a band - so why not consider renting at first to see if it fits the bill.

We have a huge range of vans and minibuses to suit all requirements, each coming with its own fantastic rental deal.

You can use them for local gigs around Berkshire or transport the whole band and entourage further afield as we have no mileage limits in our rental agreements.

Try hiring one of our fleet for an overnight deal, a weekend or longer if you're considering going on tour.

Hopefully you're going to make money from the musical venture - and renting a vehicle from us will mean you get to keep more of it in your pocket for those other gig and tour essentials. Have they changed according to the musical genre and era? I doubt it!

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