When 'White Van Man' Is A Business Asset


In business or social scenarios, we all know that more important than what IS said is what's NOT said.

The same can be said for your marketing message - think very carefully about the words you use and those you omit!

Brand image is critical and enhances or damages your reputation in an instant.

So how does all this relate to van hire, I hear you ask...?

Well, there may be times when you pitch for a job and need to turn up for the interview with a van slightly bigger than the one you currently drive - you want to stretch your capabilities - so hiring an unliveried vehicle for the day is a cost-effective way to impress a potential new boss/client without the outlay of a new van before you have the means of paying for it.

Alternatively, you might be bidding for new business and don't want your potential new clients to know where you are currently working so prefer to arrive in a plain white van to remove any other branding from your image.

Or you might want to transport some goods away from the glare of a particular brand message and feel less conspicuous and more comfortable in an unmarked vehicle.

Whatever your reason, and whatever style of vehicle you need, Berkshire Van Hire has the ideal model for you for as long as you require it. Short or longer term leases are available from our Reading HQ for you to collect or have delivered in Berkshire or west London.

Plain, unobtrusive, unliveried vehicles in all sizes are available for rent at reasonable rates.

So, if you are searching for flexible can hire options in Caversham, Reading, Bracknell, Slough, Maidenhead, Staines, Windsor, London suburbs or small Berkshire villages, get in touch today to discuss your needs.

Our talented team will make sure your message is not compromised and your business is conducted with your reputation intact!

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