Taking the strain out of garden clearing


We only have to look outside to see the leaves changing colour on the trees, the nights starting to draw in and T-shirts being replaced by jackets to understand that summer is well and truly giving way to autumn.

And as those leaves start falling and need gathering up, as the final flowers need cutting or uprooting, you know that there's every chance your brown bin for garden recycling won't be big enough to take all the fruits of your labour and you'll need to negotiate a trip (or two or three) to the local tip.

There's always a sharp intake of breath from anyone who realises they need to bend branches to fit into the boot, bag up mouldy leaves and risk the neatly polished interior of their car as the hard work begins to remove the last traces of a colourful summer and the garden items which have brightened your days.

So why not breathe easy and let Berkshire Van Hire take some of the stress of sorting out your garden? Rent a van from us, big or small depending on the scale of your garden project, and in one trip you can clear the garden waste and preserve your other pride and joy, your car!

Our rental vans are spacious and uncluttered, allowing you to pile in bags of rubbish, broken fence panels, old ornaments and make a single visit to the tip rather than to-ing and fro-ing in your own vehicle because of other items in your boot, the lay-out of the seats etc and the thought of paying for the car to be valeted after the visits to remove all traces of the last thorns.

We have a huge fleet of vehicles so you can be sure that we will find one to suit your needs. If you're unclear of dimensions, get in touch and we can advise on just how many garden sacks fit in each van!

If you're not sure about the costs involved, rest assured we are competitively priced and provide excellent value for money - and if you are seeking to reduce costs even further, think about asking your neighbour to share the price of the rental to take their rubbish away too.

Before it gets dark before dinner, get in touch and see how we can take the rubbish aspect out of your garden clearance.

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