University Return


Ok, so the long university holiday has only just begun but, like all good things, it will soon come to an end.

Days of luxurious lie-ins and long cool drinks on the lawn will soon give way to lectures and learning in the cold.

So where does Berkshire Van Hire come into the equation? Clue....are there termly 'discussions' in your house between student and parent about the amount of 'stuff' that needs to go to uni and how it will never fit in the average family car?

Thought so...! A useful referee could be at hand in the shape of one of our vans. Easy enough to drive yet spacious enough to fit more than the required amount of books, furniture, gadgets and food, our fleet can offer something to every student and his or her family attempting to shift everything but the kitchen sink (students don't wash up, right?!)

Take the hassle out of the big move from home - it's emotional enough for all concerned if it's the first year. Put an end to arguments about what stays and what goes (what's needed is a totally different category!) and pile everything and everyone into one of our rented vans.

We are confident you'll be able to fit the contents of a generous sized student room into one of our vehicles and the passengers will also travel in relative comfort without teddies and toasters on top of them.

Click here to view our range of vehicles for hire.

We offer competitive daily rates or special weekend deals on all our vehicles so get in touch with your needs and we'll find the best deal for you.

Our customers have learned from past experience what a valuable service this is at the start of term so book up early to avoid disappointment.

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