Try a Taster Trip


It seems that no matter what time of day or night you turn on the TV, you will always find a cookery programme.

Britain's passion for home baking and the push to support local economies and use locally sourced ingredients in anything we make, has rarely been stronger.

And then there is our competitive edge which, coupled with the hectic pace of 21st Century living, means we always seek to make a good impression with everything we do yet need help in creating the illusion that we are on top of everything at home and work.

That is, in part, why there has been such a phenomenal rise in the number of independent catering companies fulfilling all of those requirements. You can provide great food, promote your sustainability agenda and impress, family, friends and clients at all manner of functions.

But what of the caterers enjoying this taste of success? How do they transport those tasty treats from oven to serving table? And when do they know their venture, which probably began as a hobby, has taken off and the time is right to invest in more tools of their trade?

That's where we can, we can't claim to be master chefs but we can provide business start-ups with the chance to sample the use of a van before taking the plunge to buy one outright.

The 'try before you buy' idea is popular in many walks of life (especially in food shops!), so why should transport be any different?

If you're simply catering for a friend's wedding or garden party this summer, why not take out some of the hassle and
hire a small van from us to get you and your gourmet goodies to the event in one piece?

The ample storage space in even our smallest van mean you will be able to arrange boxes and containers in a way which should keep everything in its place and looking every bit as good as we're sure it will taste!

We have great overnight and weekend deals so get in touch to find out what's right for you.

That way you should find out if your own van is the missing ingredient in your quest for culinary success.

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