The pros of diesel in 2017


The start of the new financial year in April 2017 will now coincide with the start of new charges on “polluting” diesel vehicles in Central London.  As an example, the scheme will see an extra fifty percent added on top of the usual £4.90 hourly parking charge in Westminster with similar plans to be rolled out amongst many other councils.  And as of October 2017, vehicles registered before 2006 will be charged an extra £10.00 daily toxicity charge on top of the usual £11.50 congestion charge.

Don’t panic!

For all of our environmentally aware and concerned customers at Berkshire Van Hire, we are happy to declare that our entire diesel fleet, including all of our vans, trucks and minibuses; are new and therefore are some of the cleanest around, helping the environment by reducing emissions!  We’re also pleased to say that we are looking into electric and hydrogen fuel cell vans!

Citroen electric van

We want to reassure our customers that ALL our diesel vehicles like our beautiful Mercedes Vito 9 seater automatic are up to date with the latest regulations and are very cost efficient, tending to use almost 15% less fuel than petrol run vehicles!  Also, diesel vehicles produce 20% less carbon emissions than petrol and the latest technology installed in our vehicles means that those naughty Nitrogen Oxides are also kept under control!

However it doesn’t stop there!  Berkshire Van Hire also has a range of hire vehicles that run on petrol (handy for keeping those Nitrogen Oxides to an absolute minimum).  Our petrol fleet includes our lovely range of Vauxhall Corsas to hire and our stylish Nissan Note Hatchbacks!

At Berkshire Van Hire we care about our customers and we care about their concerns.  We aim to reflect this in our service and also in our choice of hire vehicles!  As always, we look forward to seeing you soon we wish you a happy, safe and fun journey!

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