Surfing Made Simple


With the school holidays and great summer getaway fast approaching, thoughts for many are turning to tide times and wave size - the all important info for surfers heading to the sea.

Of course, there are those lucky enough to live by the coast for whom such facts are a routine part of daily life and they have their kit packed and ready to hit the water at any time.

But the summer months bring out huge numbers of part-time surfers, those for whom a few days by the sea represents a chance to chill out and relax with a bunch of mates, competing to catch the big one and create memories to live on until the next holiday season comes along and they can do it all again.

Hiring equipment is now relatively easy at surfing destinations - wetsuits, boards, even tuition if necessary.

But what if you have your own kit or simply want to gather together a heap of clothes, basic camping gear and possibly a few cans and head for the coast?

A cost-effective way to do this in comfort and style is to hire a minibus or van - pack everything (and everyone) onboard and drive away to your chosen beach.

We have great deals on
overnight or short term rentals or if you dream of a road trip checking out a number of different surfing areas, we can also provide competitive longer term leases to suit your needs.

Don't worry about the hassle of fixing roof boxes to cars and worrying about what might or might not fall off or out as you drive round windy coastal lanes, our spacious vehicles mean there is plenty of room for everything inside - including your friends.

Think about splitting the cost and you've got yourself a cheap break - and you don't have to worry whether your phone/laptop are charged to won't need them in the water anyway!

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