Spring into action


There's something strangely comforting about waking up to the strains of the neighbours' lawnmowers whirring into action for the first cut of the season.

If ever there was a sound to signal the start of spring, that's it! Cue lighter evenings, bulbs bursting into bloom and, of course, the mercury creeping up the scale to higher temperatures.

And it seems everyone has been twitching their curtain just for a glimpse of those small signs as now, en masse, they've leapt into the garden and started on those jobs left behind when the wind and rain started seemingly all those months ago.

If you're one of them, go for it! Make the most of these dry days and quickly catch up.

But when it comes to those (hopefully) longer spells of good weather, have you planned ahead.

Yes, you know the trees you want to lop, the rockery that need overhauling and the fence that needs replacing, but have you thought about transporting all the cleared out waste?

We all know we can't arrange the weather according to our plans, but you can put in place an arrangement to hire a van to take the rubbish to the tip once it's gathered.

Because once you've used all that energy on your gardening project, do you really want to dig deep and find extra strength for several trips to and from the recycling centre with the added stress of worrying about your car's precious paintwork?

Our weekend leases are great value on our rental vans. Choose the right size of vehicle for your needs, drive off, load up, unload and drive back...simple!

Grab your calendar, look ahead and pick a date to get the job done. Contact us and we'll do the rest. Alternatively, get in the garden, do the work and ring us at short notice to ask what vehicles we have available there and then.

Whenever suits you, one thing's certain - the good weather might not last, but our excellent rental rates will!

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