Safety First


Tips for vehicle security

As a responsible business, we take security issues very seriously - and in return we expect those hiring vans from us to be equally cautious.

We appreciate that if you are renting a vehicle from us, there is a chance you will be placing items that are valuable (in monetary or emotional terms) inside it for a period of time, during which you might be absent and therefore the vehicle and property are more vulnerable.

We ensure all vans and cars in our fleet are protected with excellent security devices and we insist on a high level of insurance cover for all rental agreements.

But when you drive off the forecourt, we also ask that our customers take some basic security precautions to avoid any problems as vans and their contents are rich pickings for thieves.

If you are using one of our vans to transport work tools or furniture items for removal, we recommend removing everything overnight. It might seem like unwanted hassle, but have you ever fought an insurance claim...enough said!

The same goes for electronic devices on which we all rely so heavily. Take them with you! A van which is clearly empty is less of a target for thieves.

Other basic tips include:

Parking in well-lit, secure areas where possible Lock all windows and doors when leaving the vehicle unattended Don't leave any items visible to passers-by Use stickers to warn would-be criminals that the van is empty Keep a record of serial numbers for any tools and equipment kept in the vehicle

Berkshire is generally a safe county and crime is falling across England and Wales but there is still no room for complacency.

Safe trip!

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