Get me to the church on time


Wedding planning is big business and the season is well and truly upon us. There's the venue to arrange, the flowers and photographer and the speeches - not to mention, of course, the dress and who sits where at the celebratory meal.

But just as they have been ticked off the ever-growing list, have you thought about how people actually get to the ceremony or between the ceremony and the party?

Weddings are sociable events and there is every chance that a group of friends or relatives will be travelling to the big day from the same area. So why not save money and hassle by clubbing together to hire a minibus (or two) for the trip? More of you can have a drink without worrying about driving and you can even add to your green credentials by reducing the carbon footprint of the event with fewer cars clocking up the miles to reach the wedding.

Here at Berkshire Van Hire, we prove that pristine, stylish minibuses have well and truly replaced the image of a the cumbersome old vehicle that took you on your school field trip all those years ago.

We have a range of nine seat minibuses or 17 seat minibuses for the extended family or friends group travelling from Berkshire or surrounding areas.

Our competitive rates mean that if you all chip in, you'll see that you have more than you think available for an extra special gift or outfit to mark the occasion!

Or if you're one of the organisers of a wedding in Berkshire or West London, get in touch to talk about  transporting your guests between the ceremony venue and hotels.

Do the responsible thing and leave the cars at home then arrive in style and comfort with a practical minibus solution to ensure a happy day all round.   

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