New Year Van Rental


Happy New Year!

You get the sense that people are definitely winding down to the holiday season.

Whether you're a Christmas or a New Year fan (or both), your big day is just round the corner now.

And everyone you speak to is asking 'are you ready?'

So how do you answer? A shrug of the shoulders? An outburst of laughing? A smug 'of course?'

Whatever your response, it probably relates to presents, food and drink. But is there something missing? What about the transport that's going to get you to and from the celebrations, particularly on New Year's Eve (or early hours of New Year's Day)?

Oh yes, the night for hiked up taxi prices and free-flowing alcohol.

We might just be able to help you become the smug one with everything sorted. We are hiring out minibuses from our fleet to enable you to designate a driver to take you to and from your get-together so the rest of you can relax and let your hair down.

See in the New Year in style - and save money by clubbing together to rent a minibus rather than joining a queue of other drunken revellers in the cold at the taxi rank.

Our competitive rates will guarantee you a happy new year so start the celebrations early and get in touch for a quote today.

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