Hats off to the Luton Van


There can be few vehicles more recognisable on our roads than the Luton van.

Named after the Bedfordshire town where the Bedford commercial vehicle plant was located, the distinctive van was invented by Mr BE 'Bertie' Barrett  who owned a haulage business in Luton which had, as its principal source of clientele, the millinery industry which made the town famous in the early twentieth century. Hats, many of which were made of straw, were distributed in hatboxes which were bulky, but had little weight. Since trucks were mostly delivered without bodies at the time (just a chassis and cab), Mr Barrett had bodies built which extended over the cab and most of the way over the bonnet of the truck as well. The front of the "Luton" was tied to the front bumper of the van by means of a metal pole on either side.

More modern examples may be streamlined to reduce wind resistance. Some commercial vehicles have a wind deflector on the cab roof, but this is not a Luton body: the Luton is functional and can be accessed from the main body. The portion of the body that rests over the cab is referred to as the peak, also referred to, in some quarters as a luton, or a kick. It is a popular style of van for furniture removals and general goods deliveries.

So, now you know the history and understand that it is a tried and tested model, you will appreciate that it is a vehicle offered for hire by many rental companies. All that remains is for you to choose OUR company as your preferred van hire company.

Our great deals and terms make us the ideal choice for individuals or small companies to turn to for short or longer rental periods.

Our strong customer base can recommend doing business with us and we are confident you will return to us once you've hired your first van, car or minibus.

If we can build a brand half as successful as that of the Luton van, we'll be doing very nicely, thank you! Hats off to the Luton - but let's keep business in Berkshire!

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