Leaving school in style


Not their first holiday away with friends without Mum and Dad, although that's probably a close second, but their school prom.

This phenomenon flown in from across the Pond has taken off enormously in recent years and is fast becoming a big money event.

And while there are the usual competitive shenanigans about dates, dresses and hairstyles, the big thing to outdo your mates on this year seems to be the transport you turn up in.

The traditional limo is still a firm favourite, but then there's the red London bus or the VW Camper.

Needless to say, these all cost significant sums for a relatively short journey to the venue.

So why not turn up in affordable style by hiring one of our latest model minibuses? A group can travel together and divide the cost making it a reasonable pocket money sized sum to pay.

Only one adult needs to be on hand to drive and you can put your own decorations (within reason, of course!) inside. Many pupils will have spent hours on minibuses during their school life travelling to sports competitions or on field trips so now is the time to travel for one last time in this most fitting mode of transport.

Hiring a minibus from us means you will have more money left in your handbag to spend on the other vital prom necessities because, as parents are starting to realise, these nights out do not come cheap!

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