Finishing touches to conference season


Now that the Bank Holiday is over we hate to be spoilsports but it can't have escaped your notice that it's almost time for the big return to school (and work) after the summer break.

Yes, the 'back to school' adverts have been around for a while - in some cases from the first day of the holiday - but the countdown really is on now.

Within a week those long lazy summer days will be a distant memory as the familiar frenzied routine kicks in again.

But some businesses (like our politicians) use the early Autumn as their conference season so turn all their attention to arranging their showcase event.

As anyone who has ever been involved with event organisation will tell you, any list you create of tasks to complete only ever seems to grow longer by the day as the deadline approaches.

And experience tells us that one of the jobs that frequently ends up as a last minute one is arranging transportation for all those items you can't be without on site away from the workplace - the laptops, printers and cartridges, spare stationery, boxes of agendas/programmes, paper...not to mention the painkillers for the mornings after the nights before!

Panic over! Berkshire Van Hire can provide you with the model answer to your logistical problems no matter where your conference venue might be.

Hire one of our vans, which come in a range of sizes to suit your requirements, and drive it from Berkshire anywhere you choose in the UK for no additional charge.

Alternatively, why not think about hiring a minibus for the duration of your event? This option is particularly useful if you have offered to provide transport between stations/airports for guests or speakers of if you are using a hotel a short distance away from the main venue. Don't get stung for taxi charges...having your own vehicle on site gives you affordable freedom and flexibility to make appropriate travel arrangements.

Trust us, it's the apparently trivial plans in the scheme of a large conference that make or break an event in terms of guest satisfaction and the overall smooth running.

So when, with days or even hours to go before the curtain riser, you get the call 'where can we hire a van or minibus to help get our stuff to conference?' you can step in with three little words which will be music to everyone's ears: Berkshire Van Hire.

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