Designate a driver


The Christmas party season is almost upon us and talk is turning to where to hold it, what's on the menu and who will be the subject of this year's post-party gossip!

But have you discussed the serious issue of who will be the designated driver if you go out and don't want to take a taxi home at the end of the night?

And if there's a large group of friends or colleagues, you might actually need more than one driver and car for the big night out.

Far from wishing to rain on your party parade, here at Berkshire Van Hire we're happy to play our part in making sure the festive season goes smoothly so why not talk to us about your plans and requirements.

We can't provide drivers for the many parties in Berkshire and beyond, but we can introduce you to our great range of nine or 17-seat minibuses which would enable you to designate one driver to make sure a crowd of you reach home safely after the festivities.

Think about clubbing together to rent a minibus - we're sure it would be no more than the price of a taxi per person - and go out safe in the knowledge that your transport home is taken care of and you won't need to queue for ages in the cold at the end of the night.

We have some great deals on short hire agreements so browse the site to read more about our extensive fleet, call in, give us a ring or drop us an email for more details and we'll make sure you get in the party mood.

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