Driving Rain - Protect Your Possessions


Nobody reading this can fail to have been moved by the plight of those who've suffered such horrendous flooding over the past few weeks. Many areas around our Berkshire base have been seriously affected and our sympathies are with them.

Now many more people are looking anxiously out of their windows and at the weather forecast as they face a nervous wait to see if their property will be next.

And doubtless they gaze longingly at their precious possessions around them, hoping they remain intact and dry without the need to be carted upstairs out of the water's reach.

But there might be a way in which we can help take away some of the angst...we can offer speedy rental deals on small vans and minibuses which might just be easier to load with all your special belongings and take them to a place of safety rather than endless trips up and down stairs - simply pick up your hire vehicle, park it by your front door and load up on the same level without the hassle of stairs.

Think about it and get in touch to hear about our deals...just don't leave it too late once you get your van or minibus to drive it out of the flooded area. Our vehicles are great and all in excellent condition - but, like any other vehicle intended for use on a road, they don't do floods and are subject to the same risk as family cars. DON'T TAKE CHANCES, TAKE CARE!

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