Dozens of vans and great deals to boot!


The sun rises early and temperatures are creeping up, it can mean only one thing...after the long winter break, the return of the car boot sale is upon us!

Signs are popping up on all kinds of street corners and in the middle of empty fields advertising the weekend and bank holiday events in Berkshire and beyond.

And anyone venturing out on a Sunday morning close to where a boot sale is taking place will need to think about adding extra time to their car journey to avoid the streams of vehicles, used homewares hanging out of windows and strapped to the roof, as queues form with thousands looking to bag a bargain or make a few pounds.

If you've ever sat in one of those queues or spotted the signs, how many of you have ever cast your mind to that pile of 'stuff' in your garage, shed or loft just waiting to be sorted? How much of it do you REALLY want/need anymore? Wouldn't it be worth one early morning start, to pack it all up, head to the car boot sale and make some money?

If we're honest, most of us have probably got more than a car boot's worth of items to get rid of...sowhay not think about hiring a van for the exercise?

Larger items,heavy goods, bigger piles, you name it could fit into a van far easier than a trip or two in a car.

In our rental fleet we have a wide variety of van sizes so it's worth talking to our team to discuss your requirements and you can hear their recommendations.

Hire a van for a weekend and you could fit a whole load of unwanted items into it and head off to a sale knowing that, almost certainly, you would return home a few pounds richer and a van load lighter - with new found storage space at home to boot!

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