Delivering flexible options


With the rise in online shopping and the increased expectation that good will be delivered almost instantly and at a time to suit us, a new job is emerging as a popular self-employed role - a courier.

Yes, there are still the large international organisations that deliver goods up and down the country - and indeed across the globe.

But there is a growing demand and need for sole drivers to collect and deliver parcels or letters with hours to suit individual circumstances.

Some use an estate car to maximise their load but have you ever wondered just what's in many of those plain vans - OK, white vans? Significant numbers on any day will be carrying items people have ordered online and delivering them from local distribution centres.

And to improve customer service, more and more companies are offering pick-up and delivery times outside standard business hours so you can create a role that suits your lifestyle too.

If you're considering such a role, why not think about renting a car or van to see if it's your dream job before you invest in buying your own, only to discover it's not for you?

We have excellent deals available on longer leases so you don't have to make up your mind after just a couple of days' use of the vehicle.

Pop in, pick up the phone or email us to discuss your requirements and we're confident we can get you on the road to a successful new career.

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