Christmas Criminals


Youíve worked hard all year to afford the piles of Christmas presents youíve bought so donít take your foot off the gas now and give others an easy ride stealing them.

Just a few seconds is all it takes for an opportunist thief to help himself to your hard-earned shopping if you leave it on show in a vehicle.

Yes, car parking can be at a premium in the weeks leading up to the big day, especially around popular shopping areas.

But if YOU just take a few extra minutes to find somewhere well lit and safe to park, and make sure your new purchases are not in full view of passers-by, you will dramatically reduce the chances of falling victim to a passing criminal.

If you have to leave presents in the car (naturally itís better if you can go straight home with them before your next spree!), make sure they are in the boot which is locked to avoid any temptation.

If your offerings are in the car on a frosty morning, do NOT start the engine to thaw the icy windscreen and then go back into the house or anywhere else leaving the motor running. This is too tempting for any would-be thief and you stand to lose your car as well as your gifts.

And when youíre out and about donít forget your coat or bag lying on the seat might invite a casual opportunist to take them on the off chance there is cash inside Ė and the evidence of a portable satnav should be the first thing to be hidden when you park up anywhere.

Donít forget Ė you might not be afraid of hard work but others are and this time of year can be easy pickings for them. Play your part in the Christmas story and place as many deterrents as possible in their way, no matter what vehicle youíre driving.

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