A Useful Tip


A useful tip

Have you ordered a new carpet recently, only to have the 'discussion' with the company about whether or not they will move furniture or expect you to move it yourself, regardless of the fact you're a frail pensioner living alone or a young mum struggling to keep toddlers under control?

And once you've come to some agreement there (the offer of cash to the fitters on the day often seems to do the trick), they throw in the next problem to solve - how to get rid of the old carpet because they don't take it away anymore due to inflated costs at the tip for businesses.

It seems the best you can hope for now is that they will cut up the old flooring into manageable sized pieces and leave it for you to dispose of.

There is an alternative to filling up your household waste bin and waiting two weeks for it to be collected (while not being able to fit anything else in it!) Hire one of our vans for yourself or on behalf of your relatives who might struggle to drive, lift the carpet or find the time to organise the whole disposal operation. A surprisingly large amount of old carpet (or other household waste) can fit on one of our extensive fleet of small vans giving you peace of mind and an affordable solution.

Tell us how much waste you have and we'll recommend the best van for your needs.Whichever one you need, we guarantee great prices and a spring in your step as you walk across your new flooring!

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