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Berkshire Bands on Tour 11/04/2014

Fancy yourselves as the next Rolling Stones or Take That? No matter which era you follow and hope to emulate, some things musical are constant - like transporting band members and equipment to gigs.

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Spring into action 11/03/2014

There's something strangely comforting about waking up to the strains of the neighbours' lawnmowers whirring into action for the first cut of the season.

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Safety First 06/03/2014

Tips for vehicle security

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Top tips for winter driving 06/03/2014

Look at these top tips when winter driving. They you could save you so much hassle.

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Modded Vans 24/02/2014

Great looking vans, right? Unfortunately, they are not all parked up on our forecourt ready for you to come and rent...but they do show that vans and trucks are practical, useful and not always dull!

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Hats off to the Luton Van 23/01/2014

There can be few vehicles more recognisable on our roads than the Luton van.

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Long term leasing 21/01/2014

You cannot turn on the radio, open your web browser or stand at a bar without hearing news about the state of the economy.

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Driving Rain - Protect Your Possessions 13/01/2014

Nobody reading this can fail to have been moved by the plight of those who've suffered such horrendous flooding over the past few weeks. Many areas around our Berkshire base have been seriously affected and our sympathies are with them.

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We do accident repairs too! 06/01/2014

Berkshire Van Hire has been affiliated with S&T Coachworks for almost 30 years and can organise repairs quickly and efficiently - for a very competitive price too!

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New Year Van Rental 20/12/2013

You get the sense that people are definitely winding down to the holiday season.

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Grandfather Rights - where do I stand? 16/12/2013

There appears to be some confusion around the right to drive a minibus or small van so as a conscientious rental company keen to help our customers, we thought we'd clarify the situation for you.

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Designate a driver 18/11/2013

The Christmas party season is almost upon us and talk is turning to where to hold it, what's on the menu and who will be the subject of this year's post-party gossip!

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