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New Office 13/12/2016

Basingsoke Road Office Open

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No Top Gear Drama Here 22/06/2015

Well, it seems the sideshow to the main Top Gear event continues to rumble on between the would-be and has-been presenters and their supporters - keeping the ever popular programme firmly in the public eye.

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No more baby blues 13/05/2015

So, the waiting is over in Berkshire and we know the result...and it's NOT blue.

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Try out a tour guide role 09/01/2015

Take a rise in the number of 'staycations', increased desire to stay in smaller (often cheaper) B&Bs rather than hotels and more self-employed opportunities and how does that bring you to a site offering minibus hire?

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Christmas Criminals 12/12/2014

Donítí give criminals an easy ride this festive season

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Student life - music to your ears 22/09/2014

It's that time of year again when teenagers are excited (and/or quietly nervous) and parents are distraught - it's off to University as youngsters flee the nest.

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The benefits of renting over buying 15/09/2014

Labour MP Alan Whitehead sparked controversy this week when he suggested individual ownership of vehicles should be abandoned in favour of leasing vehicles.

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Spoiled for choice 08/09/2014

Next time you ask yourself: 'Where can I hire a car, van or minibus in Berkshire?' the answer should be obvious - Berkshire Van Hire.

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A Useful Tip 26/08/2014

Have you ordered a new carpet recently, only to have the 'discussion' with the company about whether or not they will move furniture or expect you to move it yourself, regardless of the fact you're a frail pensioner living alone or a young mum struggling to keep toddlers under control?

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Finishing touches to conference season 26/08/2014

Now that the Bank Holiday is over we hate to be spoilsports but it can't have escaped your notice that it's almost time for the big return to school (and work) after the summer break.

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The great Bank Holiday getaway 22/08/2014

Who can believe that after the forthcoming August Bank Holiday, the next public holiday is actually Christmas Day! How fast is this year actually flying by?

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Childcare Made Easy 21/07/2014

While most people will be looking forward to a summer break and a family getaway, the school holidays can pose significant problems for parents and their childcare arrangements.

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