7.5 Ton Rentals


Summer is definitely upon us - good weather (generally), school's out and most roads are quieter than usual.

Maybe that accounts for the surge in demand for our 7.5 ton trucks - both box and dropside, the biggest in our fleet.

Fortunately for our customers we have invested in a few of these trucks so we are able to cope with demand.

But there has been a definite increase in people renting these models - much to our delight.

The 7.5 ton models obviously offer the user a huge amount of storage space to transport almost any kind of goods from A-B with relative ease.

Move house yourself, carry heavy building materials for that DIY project you've finally for round to, or move gardening equipment from one location to another. Just a few of the reasons customer have given for renting these trucks in and around Berkshire.

Including power steering and some with cruise control, these rugged trucks are both versatile and surprisingly easy to maneuver.

We're sure you'll join the traffic queue of satisfied customers if you contact us today for a quote to hire one of our 7.5 ton trucks.

Click here for details of the various models available to suit your needs.

Then pick up the phone or drop us a line to discuss your requirements.

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